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April 2021

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How Employer Awards Boost Employee Engagement and Productivity

Everybody likes to win an award and be recognized, right? Absolutely! 

Companies are no different. You may have seen awards floating around out there but thought to yourself, “what are the benefits of winning an employer award?” Here are five ways how employer awards actually lead to higher employee engagement and productivity. And spoiler alert: higher employee engagement and productivity mean more profits for your company.

1. Add credibility to your organization 

Winning an employer award sets you apart from the crowd, especially competitors. You position your organization as a superior place to work. Large-scale organizations with thousands of employees use employer awards to validate themselves as well-established and reputable. Smaller organizations new to the market can use employer awards to send a message that they’re here to stay and have reached the level to offer professional and best-in-class working conditions for their employees. 


2. Increase awareness of your brand 

Awards have collateral advantages such as press releases and award badges or graphics that you can use on your marketing materials. These are great for social media, on your careers site, in email signatures, on billboards and banners, on your job descriptions, and even in videos. Typically, you’ll also receive a plaque or trophy or other physical manifestation of your win to display in your office. This collateral provides added support for your sales, marketing, and Talent Acquisition teams to use when going out to their audiences.

Your employees will also become instant employer brand ambassadors by proudly sharing the wins with their networks. When your customers learn of your wins, they’ll feel more compelled to want to work with you in knowing you give your employees fair and enjoyable working conditions that foster engagement, innovation, agility, and better service. 


3. Pave the way for progressive change

As an award-winning employer with best-in-class workplace conditions, you become the leader in driving progressive workplace conditions in your market. Oftentimes, it takes innovative and competitive organizations to drive change faster than elsewhere in societies. By demonstrating you prioritize fair, fulfilling, and progressive workplace conditions for your employees, you set a benchmark for others to follow.


4. Lead to more employee engagement and productivity

Awards are always a symbol of a job well done. When your organization is recognized for its job well done at providing superior workplace conditions for its employees, employee morale is positively affected. Employees are reminded of what’s great about their workplace and offers them a tangible reason to feel proud to be a part of it. 

This morale boost, coupled with the internal and external buzz of the win, leads to increased engagement levels. This affects workplace satisfaction, job-interest alignment, as well as offers a reminder of policies, technologies, and initiatives in place to encourage an engaging workplace. All of this improves employee retainment rates and higher productivity. And of course, higher productivity leads to more profit.


5. Attract talent

An employer award is proof positive of your hard-earned HR, leadership, company culture, and employer branding efforts. Ultimately, this makes your organization more appealing to candidates in the job search. For candidates looking for their next career move, an organization that has been recognized for its workplace conditions will always be more attractive. Think about it, if you had the choice between an award-winning product or not, which one would you take?


*Inspiring Employers was founded on the principle that employers the world over, have an obligation to provide their employees with optimal working conditions in fair and fulfilling ways that inspire productivity and change. When they do so, they should be recognized as an Inspiring Employer. We combine the power of organizational assessment, agile reporting, consultancy, and employer awards to create customized solutions to help you become a leading brand with a sustainable competitive advantage. Become an Inspiring Employer today.

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