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Become an inspiring leader in employee conditions
through the most efficient and relevant solutions.

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Based on the results of your workplace and employee conditions survey, we will have an overview of the policies, processes, and topics in place at your organization. This will enable us to build a detailed picture and report of where you excel, suffice, or lag. We'll work together to understand your goals and offer tailored consultancy services to implement or improve specific topics related to your workplace and employee conditions.

Inspiring Employers consultancy focuses mainly on functional areas pertaining to HR, communications, employer branding, careers site development, and workplace and employee conditions. Within each area, this can include management reviews, process improvement, organization and program evaluation, management systems development, process and/or policy design, and workshop and facilitation services.

Inspiring Employers also provides opportunities for individual or group consultancy on CV development, LinkedIn (for recruiters or job seekers), and interview skills. 

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