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March 2022

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Company Logos Show
Solidarity with Ukraine

Businesses have a tremendous platform to influence. You can harness the power of your brand to bring awareness and activism to important environmental, social, and humanitarian causes.

In light of Russia’s recent invasion and subsequent war in Ukraine, we've seen organizations across all industries cease or suspend their operations in Russia and Belarus, fundraise and donate for refugee relief, and use the power of their brand to be a vocal antiwar platform across a variety of channels. 


In addition to this, many organizations have amended their logos to demonstrate their support and solidarity with Ukraine’s ongoing plight. These organizations send a powerful and consistent message to their employees, clients, and followers where their values stand. They offer a continuous reminder to those audiences that action is being taken and yet more can be done.   


Here are a selection of organizations from several countries that have updated their logos to show solidarity with Ukraine. Which one stands out the most to you?

ABSL Poland, ABSL Czech Republic.PNG
All Media Lithuania.PNG

ABSL Poland                    All Media Lithuania                         Alwark                                Avenga
ABSL Czech Republic

B3 Consulting Group.PNG
CV-Online Latvia.PNG

B3 Consulting                           Coalsoft                           CV-Online Latvia                        Develor

FranklinCovey Lithuania.PNG
Havas Media Lithuania.PNG

        DOU                             FranklinCovey                             GoHealth                           Havas Media
                                                Lithuania                                                                                Lithuania

Hnuti Duha.PNG
Inspiring Employers Ukraine logo.png
International Study Programs.PNG

    HealthJoy                            Hnutí Duha                       Inspiring Employers         International Study

Invest Lithuania.PNG
Latvijas Universitate.PNG
Kurk Lietuvai.PNG
Levi9 Technology Services.PNG

 Invest Lithuania             Latvijas Universitate                     Kurk Lietuvai                    Levi9 Technology

Lietuvos Bankas Bank of Lithuania.PNG
Lietuvos Stastika.PNG

 Lietuvos Bankas            Lietuvos Statistika                           LNK TV                                  Macaw

Magnetic Latvia - Meet Latvia.PNG
Markiza Slovakia.PNG
Mindera - Romania.PNG
Ministry of Education, Prague, Czech Republic.PNG

 Magnetic Latvia                Markiza Slovakia                  Mindera Romania             Ministry of Education                                                                                                                                              Czech Republic

National Library of Latvia.PNG

National Library                           N-iX                                   Overdose                              Revolut                      of Latvia

Rossmann Czech Republic, Rossmann Magyororszag, Rossmann SDP.PNG
Shimi Poland.PNG
Sigma IT Poland, Nexer Group.PNG

     Rossmann                       Shimi Poland                      Sigma IT Poland                      Softserve
                                                                                               Nexer Group

Soma Agency.PNG
State Institute for Drug Control Slovakia.PNG
Synergie Czechia&Slovakia.PNG
The Global Exec..PNG

  Soma Agency             State Institute for Drug          Synergie Slovakia               The Global Exec.
                                           Control Slovakia            Synergie Czech Republic

TITANS Freelancers.PNG
WePlay Holding_LinkedIn logo.png

  TITANS Freelancers           TPA Group                          WePlay Holding

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