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April 2021

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We Won an Inspiring Employers Award...
...Now What? 

Congratulations! You’re an Inspiring Employer! Now what? Below are 8 basic ideas on how you can foster engagement with your award:

  1. Share it on social media. 

  2. Congratulate your employees. Send out internal communications to your employees. If you want the most impact, the message should ideally come from the CEO, Managing Director, Head of HR, or other senior leader.

  3. Issue a press release or write a blog on your website.

  4. Display the award on your careers website. 

  5. Display the award on your job descriptions. 

  6. Set up a photo booth for employees and provide them with branded swag. 

  7. Hang a blank poster on a wall and encourage employees to fill in why your organization is an Inspiring Employer. When finished, take a group photo in front of it.

  8. Encourage employees do something creative with the award and your logo, such as: paint, bake a cake, or build something out of colorful building bricks.

Organizations that win Inspiring Employers awards will receive a promotional toolkit from us that contains awards graphics, text for social media, internal communications, and press releases. Winners also receive a trophy. We’ll also provide you with a how-to guide on fostering engagement with your employees and the communities around you that includes these ideas and LOTS more.

Still want more ideas for engagement? Get in touch and we’ll help you out. 


*Inspiring Employers was founded on the principle that employers the world over, have an obligation to provide their employees with optimal working conditions in fair and fulfilling ways that inspire productivity and change. When they do so, they should be recognized as an Inspiring Employer. We combine the power of organizational assessment, agile reporting, consultancy, and employer awards to create customized solutions to help you become a leading brand with a sustainable competitive advantage. Become an Inspiring Employer today.

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