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Stand out as the leading brand and attract the best talent by becoming an Inspiring Employer

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How to Become an Inspiring Employer

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1. Take the Survey

The Inspiring Employers Employee & Working Conditions survey focuses on 11 key topics within your organization. Upon completion of the survey, your organization will have taken the first step to becoming an Inspiring Employer.

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Your honest survey answers will provide valuable insights into your organization's workplace and employee offerings. As we process the scoring of your survey, you may be asked to provide evidence of your policies or procedures during the analysis & evidence phase.

2. Analysis & Evidence

3. Feedback & Data Report

Your score will be tabulated and you’ll be informed of your results with a comprehensive report showcasing multifaceted scoring, graphical analytics, and competitor and marketplace benchmarking. In addition to the 11 survey topics, we'll provide insight into your digital HR and employee experience.

With one or a series of Inspiring Employers awards, you’ll increase your employer brand. You'll receive toolkits with social media posts, press releases, internal communications, and ideas for celebration. We'll support your organization from our side with social media posts, case studies, and a spot on our website.

4. Awards & PR Support

5. Personalized Consultancy

Inspiring Employers offers dedicated project consultants to support your organization grow and improve. We’ll collaborate in creating and implementing tailored HR & working conditions policies and programs for your organization that match world-class industry standards.

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